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Auromere Seifen

auromere soape
Auromere ® Ayurvedic Natural Cosmetics - genuine care for beautiful skin Auromere ® premium natural cosmetics usually contain only a few, very fine and intense ingredients. Pamper your skin and feel the intensity and effect of this high-quality cosmetics. For many years, the company is the importer for Auromere ® Ayurvedic products . Much of the herbal ingredients used is harvested in Sri Lanka. On the very small land area lush vegetation in a partially unspoilt nature on three different climate zones. Long distances accounts , so it is possible gently to process mainly derived from plants collected in the wild within three days by hand. The extraordinary complex of active substances of the plants used are optimally preserved . In everything he offers specialist Ayurveda, the ancient knowledge contained on such effect of certain combinations of herbs, roots and minerals . Auromere ® Ayurvedic is natural cosmetics free of synthetic dyes and fragrances free of paraffins - without raw materials from dead animals
Auromere soap

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